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Before Maya Bay was ruined by 1000s of tour groups
Before Maya Bay was ruined by 1000s of tour groups

In January of 2003, I left the USA on my first solo trip. What was supposed to be three months backpacking around South East Asia turned into nearly a year.It was the best thing I'd ever done and I would never have gone home if I hadn't run out of money.


Back in America, I got a job and moved to a new town, but after a year I still couldn't stop thinking (and talking) about travelling. My friends were sick of hearing it, and I was sick of life in the States. So finally I quit my job, started waiting tables, and put $100 into a shoe box every other night. I saved up ten grand and bought a one way ticket to Bangkok. - Best decision ever! - I met loads of great people, and had life changing experiences.


When the money ran out, I got a job teaching English in Hong Kong, and I've been here for the last ten years. I travel as often as I can (a lot!).


I love telling stories and I've been a personal travel agent for all my friends who have been telling me for years that I need to make a blog, so here it is guys. I hope it helps and inspires all of you.


I make travel videos. Check out my YouTube channel.

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  1. Ben, thanks for listening to the Facebook group! For sure gonna follow your stories. Also waiting for the Philippens tips!

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